Arya Saber

Arya Saber was born in Tehran, Iran. At the age of eight, he began taking violin and music theory lessons with Maestro Iraj Kaavandi. During this period, he practiced repertoire from the Tehran Conservatory of Music. At twelve, he studied Abolhasan Saba’s Radif, which focuses on the Iranian modal system for violin as written by Maestro Saba.

A few years later, Arya continued his studies in Iranian violin techniques, working on the repertoires of Parviz Yahaghy and Habibollah Badie under the guidance of Maestro Mehran Mohtady. When he was sixteen, he met Maestro Siavash Zahiroddini, who introduced him to Western classical music.

Thanks to Arya’s dedication to Western classical violin, at the age of seventeen, he became the youngest member of Tehran’s National TV Symphony Orchestra, under the baton of conductor Dr. Mortezapour and concertmaster Homayoun Rahimian. He held this position until he immigrated to Canada.

In Canada, after studying Biotechnology for two years, Arya decided to change his major to Music Composition. After receiving his Bachelor’s (Honours) degree, he pursued a Master's in Composition under the mentorship of the esteemed Professor Michael Coghlan at York University in Toronto. Arya is deeply honored to have earned his Ph.D. in Composition under the unparalleled guidance of highly esteemed Professors Alexander Rapoport from the University of Toronto and Dorothy de Val from York University and the University of Oxford, England. Their expertise and mentorship have been pivotal in shaping his academic and musical journey.

In the near future, alongside his academic activities, Arya looks forward to having his own concert tours and sharing his music with people all over the world—a dream he has had since childhood.

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